Centrale de la Bâtiaz
Case postale 391
1920 Martigny


Visits to Emosson Dam

Meeting place: in front of the turbine on Emosson square, near the restaurant


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, individual guided tours inside the Emosson dam will not take place during the summer of 2020.
Group guided tours, by reservation at the Maison du tourisme de Finhaut, are maintained.

Take care of your health. Please, follow the instructions of the Federal Council.


Visit in groups of 30 people maximum, only with reservation, lasts about 2 hours, price CHF 300.-


The Emosson Dam can be accessed by a mountain road that is open to the public during the summer season. A bus service provides the road connection between the railway station of Finhaut and the Gueulaz Pass.

For more information on pedestrian access, you can contact the Tourism House of Finhaut,:
T el. +41 (0) 27 768 12 78 or email: Gare.Finhaut@tmrsa.ch

Details of the Visit

  1. Reception of the visitors on the square of the restaurant. 
  2. Visit of the Weller room.
  3. Presentation of the Emosson scheme on the scale model. 
  4. Explanations concerning the instruments figuring on the model – pendulum, rockmeter (extensometer).
  5. Transfer to the top of the dam.
  6. Entry at the left bank and visit of the gallery 1926.
  7. Comments on the mountains, Dinosaurs, Old Emosson Dam, the impact of the dam on tourism; return to the square of the restaurant.